About Del’s Triangle 3 Ranch

  • Del’s Triangle 3 RanchWe operate in the Zirkel Wilderness Area and the Routt National Forest under a US Forest Service special use permit. (Colorado Outfitters License #22 – Insured and Bonded)
  • The guides and wranglers are all experienced horse riders. Some have served as guides for most of their lives.
  • We attend clinics given by horse trainers such as John Lyons, Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, Bill Smith, and Marty Marten.
  • We’re active members of the Colorado Outfitters Association, North American Outfitters Association, and Northwest Colorado Outfitters Association.

Who are the Steamboat Horses?

  • Most of our horses are born and raised on the ranch and trained locally.
  • Several of them are featured in ads for the Steamboat Ski Area and have appeared in ads and videos all over the world.
  • We have registered Quarter Horses, Arabians, and even a few old nags.

Steamboat Horse Gallery